For this Christmas Dolly Noire has decided to put on sale all the custom products made during the open marker to help the " Insuperabili " association.

Insuperabili Onlus promotes Soccer Schools aimed at children with cognitive, relational, affective-emotional, behavioral, physical, motor and sensory disabilities from the age of 5. In 8 years, 16 locations have been opened throughout the whole country and 650 enrolled.

From 2012 to the present they have implemented, in addition to the Soccer Schools, several Projects focusing on the development of children's resources and supporting the Soccer Schools: a merchandising and clothing line, in collaboration with artist Massimo Sirelli and our shop also creating work paths for athletes.

Dolly Noire stands alongside Insuperabili in this new venture. The income from sales directly supports the job placement of athletes in the management of the new On-line shop, created to handle the Covid19 emergency.


Throughout the whole year in our store in Milan various artists have tried their hand at making special customizations on our products.

Unique and special pieces of clothing with an extra value! From today you can find them all on our website and the whole income will be donated to help the INSUPERABILI association in reopening their store in Turin.


Jessica Brave Gilet


Ben Zeno bomber jacket

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