Braver crew

We are bound together by the shared ambition to achieve our dreams through harnessing the power of the group. Become a Braver and join our large family

Better together

The community aims to bring out your potential by sharing passions, talents and projects.

Access to exclusive products

Exclusive products that can be accessed by few others. Special drops and possibility to join the previews earlier than others.

Experience unforgettable events

Meet artists, influencers and brand testimonials at our events and meetups at the Dolly Noire Store.

Join our clubs

Grow your passion and talent for music, graphic design, photography/video, sports by learning directly from our top experts. Join group projects, bring your ideas to life, and develop skills in on-the-job experiences with the Dolly Noire team.

Regional groups

Meet Bravers near you. Become a Regional Representative for your region and develop your skills by organizing outstanding local activities.

Elevate yourself

Believe in your dreams and invest in your talent. Each month features networking experiences, fun and education.

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