We believe in friendship.

We believe in the strenght and richness of diversity.

We believe  in the courage of pursuing dreams.


We party hard

We listen good music

We enjoy visual arts

We support sports

We play videogames

We kick sneakers

We experiment

We work hard

We mess around too


Our dream is to reach the wellness for everyone.

We pursue a good life in a good world.

We believe that together we can do everything.

We are a big family.


Stay Brave

The origins of the name Dolly Noire

In 1996 the very first clonation of a living being was announced to humanity: it was a sheep and Dolly would be her name. Dolly, and just like a doll she was to become the symbol of flawless, unchanging creation. An endless white flock.​

Then, right out of this ocean of pristine snow that embraces us all, Dolly Noire stands, flashing out its black soul to affirm the value of diversity, of the single individual, of personal identity against the mass.

Being Dolly Noire doesnt't mean being bad or evil. Dollynoire are boys and girls who want to be free, to explore new ways, to make the difference.

This is what we fight for. Maybe a snapback won't change the world, maybe the flock will never be efeated, still, we dedicate our creations to all whose who, in a dolly world, wish to leave a noire mark.