Daniele Crepaldi

Daniele Crepaldi is the Brand Manager of Dolly Noire. Its role consists in choosing the best marketing strategies, both offline, i.e. for everything related to testimonials, events, sponsorships and collaborations, and from the online point of view, managing the entire social park and web communication.

Growing up in Buccinasco, on the outskirts of Milan, he obtained his diploma at the scientific high school and his degree in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. During his high school years he lived a year in America, a really formative experience, not only from a scholastic point of view, but also and above all from a personal one, because it allowed him to open his eyes to the world, seeing how many opportunities there are around that can be grasped in order to bring this vision as an added value within Dolly Noire.

"Dolly Noire to me is something that has pervaded my head day and night for the past four years, if not more. We are growing together, without even knowing what may happen the next day. It is giving us enormous satisfaction."