DLYNR | Campari Soda

The second chapter of the collaboration between DLYNR and Campari Soda has arrived, demonstrating, once again, how the two worlds complement each other perfectly.

The inspirations present in the capsule collection are rooted in urbanwear, are multiple and clearly visible: the Carpenter pants take up an icon of street style, namely the double knee detail, without of course forgetting the black and red color scheme of Campari Soda and DLYNR.

There is also no shortage of hoodies, t-shirts, caps and socks, cornerstones of many brand collections that retain their urban essence. But the attention to detail manages to give a street feel especially thanks to the "Glitch" sweater, which recalls a pattern widely used in knitwear in the 1990s.

The name of the capsule, #SenzaEtichette, manages to make compatible the history of a brand born 90 years ago with that of a brand established in the last decade: the historic conical bottle of Campari Soda has long been sold without a label, a feature that has earned it great versatility throughout its history. Metaphorically, the collection designed with DLYNR is also label-free: it can be worn by anyone, on any occasion, and can be paired with different styles.