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We had an epic party at the Dolly Noire flagship store. We celebrated Eurobucci's Tournament draws.
May 24 2024
The Crypto Gateway
On the occasion of the Halving scheduled for April 2024, we celebrated the event by organising a party...
Apr 26 2024
Miscela Day
For the second edition of Miscela Day we joined with Malossi...
Apr 23 2024
Long live the King
Get ready for the coronation of King Blur, born Gianmarco Tocco.
Apr 22 2024
Dolly Noire Store Exclusive product . What are you waiting for? Run to the Store.
Apr 20 2024
Design Week Party
On the occasion of Design Week, we joined forces with five extraordinary partners for an unforgettable evening.
Apr 18 2024
Exploring the Pokémon World
The adventure continues with our collaboration with Pokémon. It just keeps blossoming!
Apr 09 2024
Ready to run
We are set to run on Sunday 7 April together with Alice for Children for the children of the slums of Nairobi.
Mar 27 2024
An explosion of energy and talent characterised the release party of 22SIMBA's '20 Years'.
Mar 19 2024
We're taking him everywhere, mixing our style with his to create an explosion that kicks ass.
Mar 15 2024
Dolly Noire Battle
An epic freestyle battle with 8 champions ready to throw rhymes at each other, who’s gonna stand strong?
Mar 4 2024
It's SADremo time!
We've known Theo, Plant and Fiks since the beginning and we created a shooting with them in a perfect punk style…
Feb 6 2024
Player kit
The ultimate Player Kit? Three essential items for the most difficult matches: the right equipment designed with Attrix
Jan 30 2024
Forza Mastini!
A special jersey for the Hockey Varese Mastini: a real highlight worn by the team during the Italian Cup games
Jan 19 2024
Luca Barcellona
Luca Barcellona, the greatest exponent of lettering in Italy, returns to collaborate with us for our new SS24: Shirin…
Jan 18 2024
Dolly Noire Shuttle
It's time for an great day on the slopes: be ready to join us for an unforgettable snow experience with Snow wave…
Jan 15 2024
Knitting Hope
A red sweater for a greater cause, made in Italy with love. Help us and AIRC support cancer research projects
Dec 12 2023
Our brand new Spring Summer Collection 2024 is here: tactical equipment designed to face every challenge...
Dec 12 2023
Exploring the Johto Region
A new adventure with our exclusive designs, featuring the legendary Lugia and many other iconic Pokémon
Dec 12 2023
Rising Champions
The beginning of an epic story: the first glimpse of our collaboration with League of Legends, that starts to unfold
Nov 29 2023
The Cage We Call Walls
We unveil our tribute to the first season of one of the best-selling manga series of all time, Attack on Titan...
Sep 13 2023
The brand new FW23: urban techwear equipments, blurring the boundaries between history and futurism...
Jul 13 2023
HBD 10
We celebrate the 10th birthday of Dolly Noire Company, established in 2013, with a big party...happy birthday to us!
Jul 13 2023
Have you ever seen a collaboration this hot? Dolly Noire and Mambo did it again, are you ready to dive in?
Jul 11 2023
Art on Fire
Between Dolly Noire and Clipper was a solid match. Discover the collaboration for 2nd Life SS23...
Jun 28 2023
The Art of Eikons
We joined the forces with Final Fantasy to release a special capsule collection inspired by the 8 powerful Eikons...
Jun 22 2023
My Pride, My Voice
Dolly Noire and Durex together for an iconic capsule collection inspired by the PRIDE MONTH
Jun 6 2023
Our new Spring Summer collection 2023, 2nd Life is officially out! A representation of extreme digital change...
Apr 18 2023
Run for children
On Sunday April 2 we got out on the track with Alice for Children and ran for the slum children of Nairobi!
Apr 2 2023
Stay Bullish
Card games have always been a symbol of our team...are you ready to collect all the figures?
Feb 1 2022
Naruto Shippuden
We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest capsule collection, inspired by Naruto Shippuden
Apr 18 2023
Collectors Pack
We created with Blur this lethal mix of his memes and our designs, that will set you on fire for sure...
Mar 23 2023
A capsule collection in collaboration with Kidd Keo, inspired by ROCKPORT, the famous city from the videogame “Need For Speed”
Jan 31 2023
Senza Etichette
The history of Campari, a brand born 90 years ago combined with that of a brand established in the last decade
Dec 13 2022