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We stand united by the ambition to realise your dreams through the power of our collective. Become a Braver and join the Family

When you are part of the family you can enjoy amazing benefits! Such as earning points to transform them into discounts and acquiring family exclusive products. Scale from being a Rookie to a Pro Player to Champion to finally becoming a Legend. The more you level up, the more points you earn with each future purchase.

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Step 2

Log in, start earning points

Log in, access the 'Earn Points' section and join the current activities. Each one unlocks different scores. You can also earn points when you purchase Dolly Noire products while logged into your account.

Step 3

Spread the word, level up

Earn 300 points by referring your friends to the Dolly Noire Family Program in the 'Invite a Friend' section.

Step 4

Enjoy the benefits!

Turn the points earned into discount codes to be used on the Dolly Noire website or redeem exclusive products from the Dolly Noire Family. Always free shipping for you.

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