Artist: Nadiconan

Nadine Risaliti aka Nadiconan is an anime tattoo artist based in Milan.

Eikon: Shiva


Dominant: Jill Warrick

Born in the fallen Northern Territories, Jill was taken from her homeland at a tender age to become a ward of Rosaria. The Archduke insisted that she be raised alongside his sons, and she became as much a part of the Rosfield household as Clive and Joshua. Alas, fate was not finished with her yet—it saw the three torn apart, and the bone-chilling power of the Eikon Shiva awaken within her.

Interviewing The Artist:

How did you decide to represent the Eikon assigned to you?

I represented Shiva's element, ice, on the back in a cartoon manner and on the front pixelated, as it was represented in the old video games. On the chest I created tribal and gothic elements that recall some designs of the Eikon.

What elements did you choose to best represent it and why?

I've represented its essential element, ice, and I have taken some tribal and gothic elements that recall its own design.

What materials did you use for your custom?

I used spray cans, acrylic paint for fabrics, and permanent markers.

Divide the creative process into steps

I drew the basic shapes with a white marker, then I used acrylic for the white fabric to create a base ... the front remained white. Then I went to paint the back with the various shades of blue. While for the pixels I helped myself with the permanent markers.