Creating New Worlds

Towards a new world

What we are about to experience is a true digital revolution: the birth of a new world, or rather, new worlds. Thanks to technological development and the functional potential of new digital products, within virtual worlds it will be possible to offer and live sensory experiences that are as immersive and interconnected with the real world as ever. Our dream is to accompany our community into these new worlds, offering a truly unified experience between the real world, the most beautiful and meaningful, made up of real life, people to meet, events to experience and parties to attend, textiles to touch, flavors, scents, light, colors and beauty to admire, and the virtual world, made up of fun and wonder beyond imagination.

The virtual world is pure magic, and will make available experimental possibilities only bounded by your imagination.

We dream of one day bringing DLYNR World also to a virtual format to life.

We imagine creating a space in collaboration with the strongest metaverses where we can unleash creativity and fun, launching us into fantastic places where we can one day experience the DLYNR Games.

The first step is to make interactive 3D digital objects that can also be used in the metaverse in future. These seemingly ordinary objects will reveal their true potential in such virtual worlds and in the games we would like to create, in addition to the specific utility available now in the real world.

Following these items, we will want to create outfits, or rather characters, which will in fact be skins, also tied to specific skills. And we will finally open the doors to the new world.

However, this is another story. Stay Bullish

Collezione #1

DLYNR Cyberdecks

It was a summer night back in 2004 when the four DLYNR founders sitting on a bench were playing cards and decided to create their first t-shirt. 

For this reason, card games have always been a symbol of our team. The first collection we decided to make is inspired by playing cards, its name is Cyberdecks.

The first drop King of Diamonds, consisting of 100 interactive 3D cards sold out.

Following in May we dropped another 100 3D cards depicting the Queen of Hearts, or Queen of Hearts.

Now we are preparing for the third Jack of Clubs drop to be released on 12/10/2022 in public sale.


DLYNR Cyberdecks, the first NFT DLYNR card collection, consists of four releases:

Feb 28, 2022: Drop 1 _ King of Diamonds

May 10, 2022: Drop 2 _ Queen of Hearts

12 Oct 2022: Drop 3 _Jack of Clubs

4 May 2023: Drop 4 _ Joker

Each NFT will have one or more #utilities that will be defined by the #rarity of the NFT. The #rarity of the NFT is determined primarily by the deck it belongs to, i.e., by the back color.

Each card has a score value set by the color of the back, which will be used to count the Final Combo of the 4 Figures.


Collecting four different figures will unlock a Final Combo of the 4 Figures.

A combo immediately provides a list of luxury utilities in addition to those of the four individual NFTs.

There are five types of combos, each different by #rarity coefficient. The combo type is unlocked by calculating the score accumulated with the 4 NFTs.

Joker - Gold

• Purchase method: auction on OpenSea
• Combo score: 500 pti


1. A shirt made in Italy, limited edition, with the Joker illustration.

2. 4500 points in the DLYNR Family Program

3. DLYNR Party Invitation

4. Gift Card Ticketone (100€)

5. Trip to Paris for 2 people (Ryanair Gift Card worth 100€ per person for flight, 1 nights hotel - 100€ -, no dinners and other non-refundable expenses)

Joker - Silver

• Purchase method: auction on OpenSea
• Combo score: 400 pti


1. A shirt made in Italy, limited edition, with the Joker illustration.

2. 3500 points in the DLYNR Family Program

3. DLYNR Party Invitation

4. Gift Card Ticketone (100€)

Joker - Black

• Purchase method: auction on OpenSea
• Combo score: 300 pti


1. A shirt made in Italy, limited edition, with the Joker illustration.

2. 3000 points in the DLYNR Family Program

3. DLYNR Party Invitation

Joker - Red

• Purchase method: auction on OpenSea
• Combo score: 200 pti


1. A shirt made in Italy, limited edition, with the Joker illustration.

2. 2500 points in the DLYNR Family Program

Joker - Blue

• Purchase method: auction on OpenSea
• Combo score: 100 pti


1. A shirt made in Italy, limited edition, with the Joker illustration.

Figures Combo

At the end of the four drops, owning four different figures will allow the activation of a Final 4 Figure Combo.

Each deck provides a score:

Gold Deck: 500 points
Silver Deck: 400 points
Black Deck: 300 points
Red Deck: 200 points
Blue Deck: 100 points

The total score of the four figures will unlock a combo

MASTER Figures Combo: 2000 points
ULTRA Figures Combo: 1600 - 1900 points
MEGA Figures Combo: 1200 - 1500 points
SUPER Figures Combo: 800 - 1100 points
MINI Fugures Combo: 400 - 700 points

Each combo will unlock luxury utilities additional to those of the individual cards.

Figures Combo Utilities

What are the benefits of holding the mint NFTs from each drop and collecting the Final Combo of 4 Figures?

- MINI Figures Combo: 400 - 700 points If you reach the MINI Figures Combo, you will get - as a gift for 3 years - for each collection drop a product of your choice (soa total of 6 products per year)

- SUPER Figures Combo: 800 - 1100 points We like to go all out. All holders who reach the SUPER Figures Combo, scoring between 800 and 1100points with the 4 figures in the Cyberdecks collection, will get 5 pieces of their choice from the season's DLYNR Capsule Collection as a gift for 3 years.

- MEGA Figures Combo: 1200 - 1500 points Go to the next level and unlock the MEGA Figures Combo. For 3 years you will receive one jacket and 2 pants per collection and €300 to spend in the Warehouse Family (online).

- ULTRA Figures Combo: 1600 - 1900 points Only a few can land in the ULTRA Figures Combo territory which allows you to receive a gift of 1 OOAK Product designed by VAPS, 25,000 DLYNR Family Program points for 3 years (€500 per year) and one trip per year for 1 person to an Italian city (train gift card worth €100 + booking gift card worth €200 to spend on accommodation) for 3 years

- MASTER Figures Combo: 2000 points No spoilers. Actively follow the Discord DLYNR Family server to stay up-to-date on all project Cyberdecks communications.


The design of each NFT card in the Joker drop is unique: there are no card equal to another. The design is carefully crafted by hand according to five variables that result in 100 different combinations.


Deck Retro















The fourth drop of the Cyberdecks collection consists of 100 NFT Joker, some of which will be available for pre-sale via Whitelist.

Drop into the Discord DLYNR Family server to find out how many whitelists are available!

What Whitelists are available to join? The various Whitelists are dedicated to the three different Queen of Hearts decks: Blue, Red, Black.

How to get into the several Whitelists? It all depends on participation in our Community: find out how to get WL in the NFT section of our DLYNR Discord Server.


The purchase and sale of blue, red, black, silver and gold NFT decks will be made on the OpenSea marketplace.

Got Doubts?

Don't know your way around? Join our server and clear your mind, lots of enthusiasts can answer your questions.

Security Disclaimer


Always buy only NFTs that refer to the collection we have created. Do not trust and do not buy without checking thoroughly first. If you have any doubt or suspect that the NFT is not original, do not hesitate to contact us on Discord. Most fraudulent activity occurs via private messages on Discord servers, bots may try to send you messages with links used to steal your funds.

The Team

The DLYNR NFT project is developed internally within the DLYNR company. IT, creative and marketing resources have been allocated to the project. The whole staff is working at the Milan headquarters located at 32 Via Giacomo Watt and directed by the four founders.

GUIDELINES / How to buy Ethereum to purchase NFTs.

Below are the steps to be able to buy Ethereum, to be moved later to Metamask to buy NFTs

1) Register on a cryptocurrency exchange

Being Italian, we decided to rely as a company on Young Platform, the leading Italian exchange. Therefore it is the same one we want to recommend to you. By registering through the following link you can get 50% commission discount on your purchases forever:

2) Verify your identity

A bit like when you open a bank account, on cryptocurrency exchanges you also need to verify yourself. The process is very quick and easy, you will be asked for information such as date and place of birth, residence, a selfie and in about 10 minutes your identity will be approved. For more info

3) Deposit Euros

Once your account has been verified you will need to deposit Euros, doing so is very easy and there are plenty of methods to do so on Young Platform: credit/debit cards, wire transfer, including instant, Satispay and cash. Some deposit methods are free, such as Satispay and transfers, others are not, so you will have to pay a small fee, such as cards and cash.Below find a guide: Guide

4) Buy Ethereum

Once the funds (euros) have arrived in your Young Platform account, you will need to convert them to Ethereum. Doing this is very simple and fast, it only takes about 3 clicks. The procedure changes if you are from app or web. Below is a guide for both: Guide5) Move Ethereum to Metamask. Once you own Ethereum, all you have to do is move it to your Metamask wallet. On Young Platform just go to wallet, Ethereum, click on 'Withdraw,' choose the amount you want to withdraw, and enter the address (address) of the Metamask wallet. Once your Ethereums have arrived on Metamask all you have to do is connect it to OpenSea and buy your favorite NFTs, of course we are talking about us ;)