Artist: Mark

Marco Cominini, aka Mark, a street artist born in '89, is part of the Italian art collective Art of Sool.

Eikon: Garuda


Dominant: Benedikta Harman

Having emerged from the storm of youth coldhearted and ruthless, Benedikta Harman—Dominant of the Eikon Garuda, Warden of the Wind—turned her talent for swordplay and subterfuge into a command of Waloed's elite intelligencers. It is on a mission to find the elusive second Eikon of Fire that she crosses paths with a like-minded Clive and is forced to face her past.

Interviewing The Artist:

How did you decide to represent the Eikon assigned to you?

I wanted to represent Garuda's main features in such a way that one would immediately understand at first glance its essence, without representing the Eikon entirely.

What elements did you choose to best represent it and why?

I immediately chose garuda's helmet as the central point of the composition from which to starting all the wings. Then later I tried to add the eyes below the helmet as well and immediately saw that it was perfect like that without any other additions.

What materials did you use for your custom?

I used special fabric colors, which dry without the use of an iron and should stay forever even if you wash the garment several times. Of course, it is recommended to wash it cold and by hand to avoid any wear and tear.

Divide the creative process into steps

The first day was one of meditation, trying to imagine scenes in which I saw wearing my head being worn by some person in some place.

Once I reached the vision I liked best, I sketched various examples of what I had seen. I chose which one I thought was the best and sent it right away for feedback. I was requested a
color change and was immediately put to work.

I inserted cards inside the clothes to keep the color from piercing from one side to the other and I measured each individual part of the design to make it as symmetrical ical as possible (although it is difficult enough to be perfect on a sewn fabric anyway).

Once traced and measured, I put a white background over the entire design so that the colored parts that I would insert later would turn out o much brighter.

I added the green colored parts, and finally the black part, drying with a hair dryer until I finished the whole thing by drawing on the front the writing FFXVI in my style so that the collaboration would be complete