It's SADremo time!

We introduced La Sad into our world and created a shooting with them in a perfect punk style!

We've known Theo, Plant and Fiks since the very beginning: three crazy punks who, like us, are determined to make a difference.

Whether you're a fan of punk or not, it's impossible not to love the energy and ignore the fire they pour into their songs, along with the will to kick ass.

A blast of sound and lyrics that aims to break every social convention.

Three rebellious souls and only one purpose: to make their mark, bringing punk back to Italy! A unique style that flows into their looks and that we wanted to express with this shooting.

Enjoy the shots taken by the young talent Onofrio Petronella with some items from our spring-summer collection, Shirín.

*La Sad tra droga, sesso e zero inibizioni: «Dopo di noi niente sarà più come prima» in Rolling Stones, 09/01/2024 di Gianmarco Aimi,