Italy's best freestylers are ready for an incredible battle!

Eight champions ready to kill each other to the beat of rhymes inside the Dolly Noire Store:

🐐 He calls himself the GOAT, nobody has any complaints about that.

🌬️ Flow and style by definition, on beats he levitates, not raps.

🥊 One of Italy's strongest punchliners, he makes his punches his strong suit.

💧 One of the best in Italy in terms of flows, he comes from the seaside town of San Benedetto.

⚡️ In the freestyle scene his name is immediately associated with extrabeat.

💎 A diamond as hard as concrete, after years of experience he's in the game to make it shinier and shinier.

🤖 The most brilliant brain in Italian freestyle, often compared to one of a robot.

🤴🏻 If there is a young prince who is a byword for elegance in rapping and ready to become king, in Italian freestyle it is him

From March 14 on all of our social media platforms

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