Luca Barcellona

A Dystopian Collaboration for Shirin SS24

Luca Barcellona, an illustrious figure on the lettering scene and the greatest exponent of this discipline in Italy, returns to collaborate with us at Shirin, presenting an extraordinary font inspired by the central theme of the brand new Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

Our first meeting with the artist took place during the development of the Recap FW22 collection, a chapter dedicated to a new beginning for our brand. It was a pleasure for us to dive into Barcelona's creative world and give life to unique products.

DLYNR | Luca Barcellona - Reversible Bomber


DLYNR | Luca Barcellona - SS24 Hoodie


The new collection takes place in a dystopian future, marked by rising temperatures and relentless desertification. This clothing line is inspired by exotic and ancient lands, transporting us to a world where nature is threatened and fashion adapts to this disturbing reality.

The typographic work is based on the abbreviation of the name Dolly Noire to 'DLYNR', exploiting three fundamental elements of our brand: the city of Milan (the brand's birthplace), the year 2004 (the year the brand was born with the creation of the first t-shirt, represented by a bench), and the year 1989 (the year the founders were born).